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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Christian Greenfelder Christian Greenfelder
2 Clair Yundt Clair Yundt
3 Conor Weber Conor Weber
4 Cleve Kulas Cleve Kulas
5 Charley Stoltenberg Charley Stoltenberg
6 Curt Nikolaus Curt Nikolaus
7 Cary Mohr Cary Mohr
8 Coy Kunde Coy Kunde
9 Chris Bernier Chris Bernier
10 Clay Becker Clay Becker
11 Chaz Jakubowski Chaz Jakubowski
12 Charles Luettgen Charles Luettgen
13 Cole Treutel Cole Treutel
14 Cordell Kertzmann Cordell Kertzmann
15 Carol Davis Carol Davis
16 Cruz Bins Cruz Bins
17 Camron Doyle Camron Doyle
18 Carey O'Reilly Carey O'Reilly
19 Cristobal Greenfelder Cristobal Greenfelder
20 Cesar Hoeger Cesar Hoeger