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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Chad Hackett Chad Hackett
2 Colin Pfannerstill Colin Pfannerstill
3 Carey Halvorson Carey Halvorson
4 Caden Lockman Caden Lockman
5 Cory Metz Cory Metz
6 Carmel Jerde Carmel Jerde
7 Conor Gulgowski Conor Gulgowski
8 Coby Cummings Coby Cummings
9 Consuelo Reynolds Consuelo Reynolds
10 Carter Pouros Carter Pouros
11 Cyril Bechtelar Cyril Bechtelar
12 Chadrick Stracke Chadrick Stracke
13 Carmine Hyatt Carmine Hyatt
14 Chester Waelchi Chester Waelchi
15 Carmelo Armstrong Carmelo Armstrong
16 Colby Schroeder Colby Schroeder
17 Chet Brekke Chet Brekke
18 Cyril Keeling Cyril Keeling
19 Camren Kuhlman Camren Kuhlman
20 Cleve Becker Cleve Becker