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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Shannon Sporer Shannon Sporer
2 Sophia Feil Sophia Feil
3 Susanna Effertz Susanna Effertz
4 Sabrina Steuber Sabrina Steuber
5 Sasha Bradtke Sasha Bradtke
6 Sydnie Keeling Sydnie Keeling
7 Savanah O'Keefe Savanah O'Keefe
8 Shemar Yundt Shemar Yundt
9 Stella Kohler Stella Kohler
10 Sabryna Smith Sabryna Smith
11 Shanie Hoeger Shanie Hoeger
12 Stephanie Dooley Stephanie Dooley
13 Salma Bahringer Salma Bahringer
14 Sabina Koepp Sabina Koepp
15 Syble Crooks Syble Crooks
16 Sally Moen Sally Moen
17 Susana McClure Susana McClure
18 Sandra Senger Sandra Senger
19 Sophia Kutch Sophia Kutch
20 Shannon Roob Shannon Roob