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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Walton Abbott Walton Abbott
2 Winnifred Mann Winnifred Mann
3 Wilhelmine Morissette Wilhelmine Morissette
4 Wilbert Schumm Wilbert Schumm
5 Wilhelm Brown Wilhelm Brown
6 Will Collins Will Collins
7 Winnifred Kohler Winnifred Kohler
8 Wilfrid Schuppe Wilfrid Schuppe
9 Walter Deckow Walter Deckow
10 Webster Beier Webster Beier
11 Wilbert Hettinger Wilbert Hettinger
12 Wayne Pacocha Wayne Pacocha
13 Wyatt Stamm Wyatt Stamm
14 Wilber Zboncak Wilber Zboncak
15 Walton Dickens Walton Dickens
16 Walter Swift Walter Swift
17 Wiley Collier Wiley Collier
18 Winnifred Schimmel Winnifred Schimmel
19 Wilburn Spencer Wilburn Spencer
20 Wendell Hammes Wendell Hammes