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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Wendell Hansen Wendell Hansen
2 Willie Schamberger Willie Schamberger
3 Wade Goyette Wade Goyette
4 Wilhelmine Prosacco Wilhelmine Prosacco
5 Wilson Kertzmann Wilson Kertzmann
6 Wallace Kris Wallace Kris
7 Winona Russel Winona Russel
8 Wyman Denesik Wyman Denesik
9 Westley Johnston Westley Johnston
10 Wellington Krajcik Wellington Krajcik
11 Wayne Hand Wayne Hand
12 Winnifred Schultz Winnifred Schultz
13 Walker Rodriguez Walker Rodriguez
14 Wiley Schroeder Wiley Schroeder
15 Walker Maggio Walker Maggio
16 Wendell Spinka Wendell Spinka
17 Wilburn Schaefer Wilburn Schaefer
18 Walter Koch Walter Koch
19 William Pouros William Pouros
20 Wiley Monahan Wiley Monahan