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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Kobe Bernier Kobe Bernier
2 Kennedi Hilpert Kennedi Hilpert
3 Kadin Mohr Kadin Mohr
4 Kylie Lueilwitz Kylie Lueilwitz
5 Kenneth Hahn Kenneth Hahn
6 Korey McCullough Korey McCullough
7 Kim Schiller Kim Schiller
8 Karlee Cummings Karlee Cummings
9 Katelyn Stoltenberg Katelyn Stoltenberg
10 Kaylin Gulgowski Kaylin Gulgowski
11 Kayli Ledner Kayli Ledner
12 Korbin Miller Korbin Miller
13 Karolann Dare Karolann Dare
14 Katelin Sawayn Katelin Sawayn
15 Kurtis Bergnaum Kurtis Bergnaum
16 Kenyon Collier Kenyon Collier
17 Karli Rempel Karli Rempel
18 Kurtis Shanahan Kurtis Shanahan
19 Kristofer Lubowitz Kristofer Lubowitz
20 Kali Bradtke Kali Bradtke