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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Dax Marquardt Dax Marquardt
2 Desiree Gleason Desiree Gleason
3 Donnell Champlin Donnell Champlin
4 Dora Torp Dora Torp
5 Delilah Schamberger Delilah Schamberger
6 Dakota Altenwerth Dakota Altenwerth
7 Dariana O'Conner Dariana O'Conner
8 Dasia Reilly Dasia Reilly
9 Destin Wisozk Destin Wisozk
10 Dalton Wiza Dalton Wiza
11 Dan Buckridge Dan Buckridge
12 Darian Wyman Darian Wyman
13 Destini Shields Destini Shields
14 Delpha Zulauf Delpha Zulauf
15 Della Brekke Della Brekke
16 Davion Mitchell Davion Mitchell
17 Diego Beier Diego Beier
18 Davion Rath Davion Rath
19 Deanna Crooks Deanna Crooks
20 Dylan Ondricka Dylan Ondricka