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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Dennis Rippin Dennis Rippin
2 Dean Cole Dean Cole
3 Delaney Murray Delaney Murray
4 Dylan Kreiger Dylan Kreiger
5 Deonte Toy Deonte Toy
6 Dale Abbott Dale Abbott
7 Dariana DuBuque Dariana DuBuque
8 Delilah Pollich Delilah Pollich
9 Dalton McCullough Dalton McCullough
10 Destiney Kutch Destiney Kutch
11 Darius Koch Darius Koch
12 Dee Murazik Dee Murazik
13 Drew Pouros Drew Pouros
14 Donavon Champlin Donavon Champlin
15 Demetris Terry Demetris Terry
16 Delaney O'Connell Delaney O'Connell
17 Dillan Howe Dillan Howe
18 Devante Terry Devante Terry
19 Damion Klein Damion Klein
20 Donna Considine Donna Considine