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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Wilfred Farrell Wilfred Farrell
2 Webster Hermann Webster Hermann
3 Warren Bashirian Warren Bashirian
4 Wendell Rolfson Wendell Rolfson
5 Wilmer Witting Wilmer Witting
6 Wallace Abernathy Wallace Abernathy
7 Watson Kiehn Watson Kiehn
8 Wilford Rosenbaum Wilford Rosenbaum
9 Woodrow Heller Woodrow Heller
10 Willis Carter Willis Carter
11 Wilber Gislason Wilber Gislason
12 Will Padberg Will Padberg
13 Wilford Halvorson Wilford Halvorson
14 Wyman Brakus Wyman Brakus
15 Wade King Wade King
16 Webster Torphy Webster Torphy
17 Wayne Kshlerin Wayne Kshlerin
18 Ward Miller Ward Miller
19 Wilfredo Wisoky Wilfredo Wisoky
20 Wyatt Kunze Wyatt Kunze