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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Rhett Harvey Rhett Harvey
2 Regan Quitzon Regan Quitzon
3 Rory Collier Rory Collier
4 Russell Kerluke Russell Kerluke
5 Randi Collins Randi Collins
6 Raul Frami Raul Frami
7 Rex Jerde Rex Jerde
8 Richmond Raynor Richmond Raynor
9 Raymond Thompson Raymond Thompson
10 Riley Adams Riley Adams
11 Ruben Jaskolski Ruben Jaskolski
12 Ron Rempel Ron Rempel
13 Reilly Leuschke Reilly Leuschke
14 Rocio Aufderhar Rocio Aufderhar
15 Roderick Welch Roderick Welch
16 Rigoberto Hoppe Rigoberto Hoppe
17 Rolando Bergnaum Rolando Bergnaum
18 Richard Moen Richard Moen
19 Ryleigh Nitzsche Ryleigh Nitzsche
20 Ronny Hammes Ronny Hammes