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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Orlo Sauer Orlo Sauer
2 Oswaldo Harvey Oswaldo Harvey
3 Oswaldo Corkery Oswaldo Corkery
4 Osborne Will Osborne Will
5 Oda Goyette Oda Goyette
6 Orval Greenfelder Orval Greenfelder
7 Ottis Veum Ottis Veum
8 Olin Maggio Olin Maggio
9 Orville Jast Orville Jast
10 Osborne Cormier Osborne Cormier
11 Osbaldo Gleichner Osbaldo Gleichner
12 Orrin Quigley Orrin Quigley
13 Oswald Johnston Oswald Johnston
14 Okey O'Conner Okey O'Conner
15 Osvaldo Wiegand Osvaldo Wiegand
16 Olin Braun Olin Braun
17 Orrin Fay Orrin Fay
18 Olaf Olson Olaf Olson
19 Orin Rosenbaum Orin Rosenbaum
20 Obie Stark Obie Stark