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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Keyshawn Kling Keyshawn Kling
2 Kennedi Rolfson Kennedi Rolfson
3 Keyon Wolf Keyon Wolf
4 Kieran Champlin Kieran Champlin
5 Kole Turcotte Kole Turcotte
6 Kim Heathcote Kim Heathcote
7 Kenny Stroman Kenny Stroman
8 Kayden Gleason Kayden Gleason
9 Kamren Sauer Kamren Sauer
10 Keeley Schimmel Keeley Schimmel
11 Kenyon Yost Kenyon Yost
12 Kendall Ledner Kendall Ledner
13 Kieran Corkery Kieran Corkery
14 Kip Friesen Kip Friesen
15 Kyleigh Frami Kyleigh Frami
16 Kale Weber Kale Weber
17 Keenan Cruickshank Keenan Cruickshank
18 Kurt Crooks Kurt Crooks
19 Kevon Bergnaum Kevon Bergnaum
20 Khalid Williamson Khalid Williamson