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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Buford Hartmann Buford Hartmann
2 Brycen Borer Brycen Borer
3 Brody Cronin Brody Cronin
4 Blaise Gleason Blaise Gleason
5 Bennie Wintheiser Bennie Wintheiser
6 Brayan Terry Brayan Terry
7 Blake Swift Blake Swift
8 Blaise McCullough Blaise McCullough
9 Blaise Abernathy Blaise Abernathy
10 Barton Wilkinson Barton Wilkinson
11 Bradly Beier Bradly Beier
12 Bruce Vandervort Bruce Vandervort
13 Bertram Yost Bertram Yost
14 Bernie Wiegand Bernie Wiegand
15 Bailey Collier Bailey Collier
16 Brook Hoppe Brook Hoppe
17 Bret Wiza Bret Wiza
18 Bell Schmitt Bell Schmitt
19 Bernardo Feeney Bernardo Feeney
20 Bill Donnelly Bill Donnelly