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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Braden Considine Braden Considine
2 Bartholome Terry Bartholome Terry
3 Bobby Beier Bobby Beier
4 Boris Parisian Boris Parisian
5 Buddy Dietrich Buddy Dietrich
6 Blaze Hirthe Blaze Hirthe
7 Brandon Conroy Brandon Conroy
8 Bradly O'Conner Bradly O'Conner
9 Brooks Schmidt Brooks Schmidt
10 Brando Fahey Brando Fahey
11 Barrett Leuschke Barrett Leuschke
12 Braxton Oberbrunner Braxton Oberbrunner
13 Blaise Heidenreich Blaise Heidenreich
14 Brayan Bernhard Brayan Bernhard
15 Branson Wolf Branson Wolf
16 Boris Ritchie Boris Ritchie
17 Brendan Weissnat Brendan Weissnat
18 Brayan Gislason Brayan Gislason
19 Baylee Cummings Baylee Cummings
20 Bret Schimmel Bret Schimmel