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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Brennan Green Brennan Green
2 Billy Senger Billy Senger
3 Brennon Johns Brennon Johns
4 Brandon Dare Brandon Dare
5 Benton Blanda Benton Blanda
6 Bradly Buckridge Bradly Buckridge
7 Burley Deckow Burley Deckow
8 Brady Satterfield Brady Satterfield
9 Bernardo Bayer Bernardo Bayer
10 Blaze Crist Blaze Crist
11 Brennon Hyatt Brennon Hyatt
12 Bradley Keebler Bradley Keebler
13 Berta Wisoky Berta Wisoky
14 Blair Wintheiser Blair Wintheiser
15 Brycen Rolfson Brycen Rolfson
16 Bret Orn Bret Orn
17 Boyd Schaefer Boyd Schaefer
18 Blair Von Blair Von
19 Brandon Kris Brandon Kris
20 Bill DuBuque Bill DuBuque