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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Rahsaan Fay Rahsaan Fay
2 Roselyn Rogahn Roselyn Rogahn
3 Rosamond Steuber Rosamond Steuber
4 Roslyn Wuckert Roslyn Wuckert
5 Rosina Lakin Rosina Lakin
6 Roberta Brown Roberta Brown
7 Ruthie Flatley Ruthie Flatley
8 Rosalee Miller Rosalee Miller
9 Retha Cummerata Retha Cummerata
10 Retha Pfannerstill Retha Pfannerstill
11 Reta Murazik Reta Murazik
12 Raphaelle Labadie Raphaelle Labadie
13 Ramona Mayer Ramona Mayer
14 Rachael Maggio Rachael Maggio
15 Ruby Friesen Ruby Friesen
16 Reva Krajcik Reva Krajcik
17 Rosanna Nolan Rosanna Nolan
18 Rossie Stroman Rossie Stroman
19 Rita Strosin Rita Strosin
20 Roselyn DuBuque Roselyn DuBuque