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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Hermina Stoltenberg Hermina Stoltenberg
2 Hollie Kreiger Hollie Kreiger
3 Helene Rice Helene Rice
4 Hulda Block Hulda Block
5 Haylee Funk Haylee Funk
6 Hellen Ondricka Hellen Ondricka
7 Hailee Kunze Hailee Kunze
8 Hillary Swaniawski Hillary Swaniawski
9 Haylee Thiel Haylee Thiel
10 Hulda Heidenreich Hulda Heidenreich
11 Hailie Wisozk Hailie Wisozk
12 Helene Bernier Helene Bernier
13 Hailie Padberg Hailie Padberg
14 Hilma Prosacco Hilma Prosacco
15 Hertha Cruickshank Hertha Cruickshank
16 Halie O'Connell Halie O'Connell
17 Hattie Reichel Hattie Reichel
18 Helga Wisozk Helga Wisozk
19 Halie Bartell Halie Bartell
20 Hannah Hessel Hannah Hessel