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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Rogelio Schultz Rogelio Schultz
2 Ressie Rolfson Ressie Rolfson
3 Rossie Dach Rossie Dach
4 Rowland Russel Rowland Russel
5 Roderick Haag Roderick Haag
6 Romaine Flatley Romaine Flatley
7 Rick Waelchi Rick Waelchi
8 Royce Greenfelder Royce Greenfelder
9 Rick Koepp Rick Koepp
10 Roberta Jacobs Roberta Jacobs
11 Rusty Braun Rusty Braun
12 Reymundo Hoppe Reymundo Hoppe
13 Roberto Cole Roberto Cole
14 Roderick Wilkinson Roderick Wilkinson
15 Rosie Leffler Rosie Leffler
16 Randal Wolf Randal Wolf
17 Reva Spinka Reva Spinka
18 Rosalinda Wuckert Rosalinda Wuckert
19 Rashad Doyle Rashad Doyle
20 Rubie Howe Rubie Howe