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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Brooke Auer Brooke Auer
2 Bridie Rice Bridie Rice
3 Blake Monahan Blake Monahan
4 Blaise Rogahn Blaise Rogahn
5 Billy Olson Billy Olson
6 Bailey Kuhlman Bailey Kuhlman
7 Brenna Jacobs Brenna Jacobs
8 Bradley Satterfield Bradley Satterfield
9 Brandy Spinka Brandy Spinka
10 Brook Lueilwitz Brook Lueilwitz
11 Brody Parker Brody Parker
12 Brady Lockman Brady Lockman
13 Brannon Ryan Brannon Ryan
14 Belle Schaden Belle Schaden
15 Brendan Haley Brendan Haley
16 Berniece Hoeger Berniece Hoeger
17 Beaulah Mertz Beaulah Mertz
18 Bertram Sawayn Bertram Sawayn
19 Buck Heaney Buck Heaney
20 Brady Hauck Brady Hauck