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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Winifred Herman Winifred Herman
2 Wilmer McCullough Wilmer McCullough
3 Willie McKenzie Willie McKenzie
4 Walter Russel Walter Russel
5 Wilfrid Hammes Wilfrid Hammes
6 Willis Berge Willis Berge
7 Wava Hintz Wava Hintz
8 Will Herman Will Herman
9 Will Mayert Will Mayert
10 Winston Goodwin Winston Goodwin
11 Walton Auer Walton Auer
12 Walter Daugherty Walter Daugherty
13 Walton Kemmer Walton Kemmer
14 Wilhelm Sipes Wilhelm Sipes
15 Waldo Fadel Waldo Fadel
16 Wade Bayer Wade Bayer
17 Waino Windler Waino Windler
18 Wendy Schoen Wendy Schoen
19 Willard Schulist Willard Schulist
20 Waldo Cormier Waldo Cormier