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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Walton Pfeffer Walton Pfeffer
2 Wilfred Mosciski Wilfred Mosciski
3 Wilburn Hettinger Wilburn Hettinger
4 William Wolff William Wolff
5 Wilfredo Hamill Wilfredo Hamill
6 William Zulauf William Zulauf
7 Winfield Volkman Winfield Volkman
8 Wilhelmine Hettinger Wilhelmine Hettinger
9 Willa Jacobi Willa Jacobi
10 Waldo Brekke Waldo Brekke
11 Wyman Blick Wyman Blick
12 Wilhelmine Bartell Wilhelmine Bartell
13 Webster Sauer Webster Sauer
14 Walker Wuckert Walker Wuckert
15 Watson Mertz Watson Mertz
16 Willa Barrows Willa Barrows
17 Ward Hills Ward Hills
18 Willy Balistreri Willy Balistreri
19 Wilhelm Ward Wilhelm Ward
20 Willow Streich Willow Streich