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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Stuart Hilpert Stuart Hilpert
2 Shaylee Veum Shaylee Veum
3 Stephon Ortiz Stephon Ortiz
4 Sylvester Hand Sylvester Hand
5 Shanelle Wolf Shanelle Wolf
6 Sigurd Prohaska Sigurd Prohaska
7 Savion Gutkowski Savion Gutkowski
8 Sophie Schimmel Sophie Schimmel
9 Stuart Zboncak Stuart Zboncak
10 Sigrid Ernser Sigrid Ernser
11 Saige Nicolas Saige Nicolas
12 Sid Lueilwitz Sid Lueilwitz
13 Samanta Shields Samanta Shields
14 Stanford Bartell Stanford Bartell
15 Sincere Bergstrom Sincere Bergstrom
16 Sydnee Weber Sydnee Weber
17 Shany Douglas Shany Douglas
18 Sallie Kuhn Sallie Kuhn
19 Shane Donnelly Shane Donnelly
20 Selmer Harvey Selmer Harvey