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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Hyman Lindgren Hyman Lindgren
2 Henri Lockman Henri Lockman
3 Hermann Watsica Hermann Watsica
4 Hershel Hickle Hershel Hickle
5 Henriette Walter Henriette Walter
6 Hollis Cremin Hollis Cremin
7 Hillary Beatty Hillary Beatty
8 Herbert Oberbrunner Herbert Oberbrunner
9 Hulda Torphy Hulda Torphy
10 Harry Johns Harry Johns
11 Hilton Dietrich Hilton Dietrich
12 Harold Tromp Harold Tromp
13 Helena Johns Helena Johns
14 Henry Stark Henry Stark
15 Heloise Predovic Heloise Predovic
16 Hattie Sawayn Hattie Sawayn
17 Hayden Ryan Hayden Ryan
18 Hertha Champlin Hertha Champlin
19 Haven Rempel Haven Rempel
20 Hoyt Pollich Hoyt Pollich