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# First Name Last Name Full Name
1 Brendon Witting Brendon Witting
2 Buster McDermott Buster McDermott
3 Buck Olson Buck Olson
4 Bernardo Konopelski Bernardo Konopelski
5 Brandt Lind Brandt Lind
6 Barrett Beatty Barrett Beatty
7 Buck Gerhold Buck Gerhold
8 Benton Gorczany Benton Gorczany
9 Benton Ziemann Benton Ziemann
10 Bridie Koss Bridie Koss
11 Boris Kilback Boris Kilback
12 Blair Keeling Blair Keeling
13 Burley Green Burley Green
14 Brionna Torp Brionna Torp
15 Britney Bartoletti Britney Bartoletti
16 Brandon Fahey Brandon Fahey
17 Brenden Huel Brenden Huel
18 Bernardo Wyman Bernardo Wyman
19 Brandon Murazik Brandon Murazik
20 Betty Senger Betty Senger