5 Tips To Pick The Perfect Baby Names

James Smith

James Smith

Apr 18, 2019 — 4 mins read
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Coming up with the perfect baby names is exciting, but can be a daunting task. You either have way too many choices that you can’t decide, or no good idea comes to your mind when you most need it.

Whether you’re expecting a baby or holding one in hand, still not yet sure what to put on the birth certificate, here are 5 tips to help you pick the perfect baby names:

1. Choose Baby Names That Are Easy To Pronounce

It’s good to be unique and creative, but your child will live with that name forever. Picking a name that makes everyone goes “How do you spell your name?” every time your child meets a new person would be exhausting. You don’t want your child to secretly get frustrated over the fact that you gave them this name.

Consider choosing a good name that is also easy to say and spell. Test out on your friends and family to see whether they have difficulties saying or spelling it.

How does the name sound with the surname? If the first and last names rhyme or are too similar, your child may become the center of the jokes in no time.

Lastly, bear in mind that your baby will become an adult one day. If your baby names are too cute (think: Kitten) for a grown-up, maybe a lawyer or a doctor, don’t do it!

2. Avoid Overly Common Baby Names

If your last name is very common like Smith, Brown, or Williams, think of a more unique name for your child. Having a very common name like John Smith will get very confusing for your kid. It’s hard to stand out when there are many others that share the same name. One way to check is using Facebook’s search box and see how common the baby names you choose are.

You can also try alternative spellings. Simply replacing an “e” or an “i”, or doubling a letter can make overused baby names become fresh and original again (like Haley vs Hallie).

I know this contradicts with tip #1, but the point is to be creative yet realistic at the same time. If your creativity goes over the top and might turn your child into a victim of endless jokes at school simply because of his or her name, it’s probably not the best way to go.

3. Pick Baby Names With Important Meaning

You can pass on the family tradition by combining and rearranging your family members’ names. Your baby names can also be inspired by a character you love, a celebrity crush, or somebody you admire. It’d be definitely more fun for your child to have a story behind his or her name to proudly share with others.

You’ve got around six weeks after your baby is born to register a name. Therefore, you can always wait until the baby comes to the world and decide whether such a name suits your child. When you meet and get to know your little one, you may change your decision.

Another thing to consider if you already have other children is whether your chosen baby name is too similar to those you chose for older siblings. For example, if you name your kids Ellen and Ella, it’d get very confusing for others to remember who is who.

4. Does The Name Have Any Unpleasant Connotations?

However great the name sounds, if it reminds you of an unfortunate event or a terrible person, it just wouldn’t work. It’s totally fine to avoid a name that reminds you of the annoying girl who bullied you in fifth grade. It also explains why you don’t often hear names like Hitler.

If a name brings negative thoughts to the mind, it’s probably not a good candidate for your baby names. This depends entirely on your beliefs and knowledge of course. Just something to consider while naming your baby!

5. Check The Initials And Short Version Of Your Baby Names

Many parents easily miss this step since the initials of their baby names don’t often come to their mind immediately. Imagine giving your poor child a name like Aaron Simon Samuels (initials: ASS) or Paul Imogen Green (initials: PIG). Their classmates will definitely pick up on those embarrassing initials soon.

Do you like the shortened version of the baby names? Even if you try to resist, a nickname or short version of your child’s name will eventually surface. So think about it in advance. If you cannot stand the shortened version of your baby name, cross it off.

Still cannot choose? Here are some ideas for you or you can look at baby names ideas from different country at generate-name.net

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